About Us

We started our current trading business in April 1995 in Al-Berib, Palestine.
First as a part of another company, and in January 1998, Gentrade was established with its current name and logo.

Gentrade is importing and distributing two main lines of products. All our imports are high quality finished products from Europe.

The first one is high decorative paints and painting tools and it is the major line. We were the first to introduce the decorative paints in the area, and we still are the leading company in the entire area in distributing high decorative paints and trademark painting tools.

The second line is distributing cleaning articles, personal hygiene, and oral care for the supermarket, and pharmacies, etc… It was first  introduced in 1999 and it has being expanding since.

Our activities are covering mainly the Palestinians territories and some parts of the neighboring area. We have highly qualified sales staff and a chain of local distributors was introduced to overcome the restriction of movement imposed by the roadblocks and checkpoints.

We constantly pursue the expanding of both lines of business, which we are currently importing and distributing. We are doing so by continuously searching for highly qualified potential suppliers in both lines. Further, we keep following up with all the related developments in all levels, and even we participate in developing our own products within the supplier system.